Squinkies Toys Squinkies Bubble Packs And Squinkies Playsets

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Squinkies Toys and Playsets

Whats one of the hottest toys to hit stores this year?  Its Squinkies!  Even though they are only approximately one inch in size they are making a huge presence on toy shelves this holiday season. Squinkies is one of the toys that has been included on more than 1 “hot toy list” put out by the toy associations.

Squinkies are squishy and soft and come in packs of 16 different pieces enclosed in protective bubbles ranging from kitties, babies, puppies, ponies and more.

Right now there are a total of 6 different packs available, and with their popularity  there will probably be many more in the future.  Each set is distinguishable by the color of the bubbles.
Each pack has 12 pieces that you can see but also included are four more, which are enclosed in frosted bubbles to hide their identity.  You won’t know what you are getting until you open these surprise pieces!

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