LEGO Creationary Game

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Creationary – the fun game from LEGO

Looking for a fun game for the family – possibly for family game night?                   Creationary Game by LEGO
Both you and you children will have a blast playing the Creationary Game from Lego.
This game is best for children ages 7 and Up

Did you know that Lego makes games?
Yes, Lego game are a mixture of the Lego that you have always loved and games that will keep kids entertained.

Although you’ll probably want to play the game is simple enough for kids to play on their own.

Creationary is brought to you by the funl people at LEGO who are known throughout the world for their popular line of building blocks and products.
–> LEGO Creationary Game

Now, here is something new that will easily capture the attention of your children, and their friends.

So what is the object of Creationary? Read more