Syma Helicopters 3 Channel RC Fun For Both Grownups and Children Alike

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Syma Helicopters For Low Cost Family Fun

Syma Helicopters became a shining star when they were first released as a 2 channel RC helicopter. Then during the Christmas rush, a 3 channel was released and even though Christmas is long gone, the Syma helicopters are still in great demand and continue to fly off of store shelves ( if you can find then that is).      Syma Helicopters

There are many low cost RC helicopters on the market and to be perfectly frank many are pure junk. Sure you have seen the ads and they look terrific but when you bring them home, they don’t perform like they do on the commercials or when you have a professional sales person demonstrating them.

Customer are leavings glowing reviews for the Syma Helicopters

However with over 700 customer reviews at Amazon ( you can read the reviews here –>Syma Helicopter customer reviews) you will see how the Syma 3 Channel Helicopters are different from the rest.
Several customer were so impressed that they sent in videos of their helicopter in motion.  Sure, you will see a few reviews where the customer stated that their helicopter was less than expected, but these are few are far between.

Syma Helicopters may be low cost but they have a high fun factor

Now considering that the Helicopters run around $25 to about $55,  depending on the model you can start to see the value of a these helicopters.

There’s some other reasons why Syma make good RC helicopters.  First of all they are very easy to learn how to use and operate and secondly they handle quite well.  Even if price was not used as a comparison you would find that the Syma helicopters hold their own when you match stability and design.

Whether you are looking for a smaller helicopter ( on that would be about 6 inches) or a larger one, you will find a Syma helicopter that should match your wants.

In addition to a few different sizes available, there are also different helicopter designs to choose from.

Although the product recommendation states that children as young as 3 can enjoy a Syma helicopter, I would suggest that a child you has better eye/hand coordination may be a better idea.  Somewhere around the age of 6 is pretty good, but you should know that children as young as 99 also can have a great time with their Syma RC copter.

Syma Helicopters may be low in cost and in the toy section but don’t let that put you off. Once you use on of these babies you’ll understand why so they are so popular.

To see the Syma 3 Channel helicopter page at Amazon just visit here –> Syma helicopters
Don’t be fooled by imitations insist on Syma helicopters for fun, quality and value.


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