Scrabble Flash Cubes The Electronic and Fast Paced Way To Play Scrabble

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Scrabble Flash Cubes 3 New Ways To Enjoy Scrabble Scrabble Flash Cubes

Scrabble has always been a popular word game with children and with families.  Now Hasbro has added a new twist to the game. In addition to it being a fun word game, Scrabble Flash Cubes also adds a bit of electronic fun into the mix.

Kids will have so much fun playing Scrabble Flash Cubes that they won’t realize that it is actually educational, they will just have fun. It’s a great way to slip some word knowledge and spelling learning into their life while making it fun. They will soon realize that the better they spell and the more words that they learn, the better they will get at the game. Who knew learning could be this much fun?

Known as Scrabble Flash Cubes, this new and improved word game will put your skills to the test using three different solo and competitive games where you will swap, shuffle and slide your way to victory.

The Electronic Scrabble Flash Cubes Games Adds Excitement Through Lights and Sounds

This electronic version of Scrabble will challenge you to make words out of your electronic tiles.

Scrabble Flash Cubes includes five SmartLink letter tiles, a rulebook and a storage box. You’ll use the tiles to create your words and then they will flash and beep with each word you make. The tiles will automatically time your turn and display your score with the maximum possible score.

The Scrabble Flash Cubes game can be played with 1 or more players and is recommended for ages eight and older.
It’s very fast paced and addictive once you get started. Many customers say that if you’re short on time, Scrabble Flash Cubes is the way to go.
Using this game, you don’t have to drag out a game board and all the pieces.
In fact, there are 3 different versions of the Scrabble Flash Cubes game that you can choose from.

Game number 1 is when you want to play solo.
Game number 2
is for playing with friends.
Game number 3 is also for playing with friends but it has the elimination component to the mix.

Customers and game players also like the fact that the Scrabble Flash Cubes come with the first set of batteries – no more running to the store because you forgot to buy batteries right away.

Scrabble Flash Cubes has almost no set up time, except for peeling the protective films off the faces of the five game pieces during your first time playing, then each game after that all you have to do is to reset the power button and begin your play.
The instructions and rulebook are very simple and you can begin playing almost immediately and then go back and read the rules in detail.  As with many games, kids often like to make up their own rules so don’t be surprised if they do that with the Scrabble Flash Cubes game also

Each game piece has a reset button on the back just in case there any technical glitches that need to be eliminated during play. It comes with a great portable box so that you can take it with you on the go without having to drive around the big board game box.

Scrabble Flash Cubes are definitely an innovative improvements for the typical word game that most families are familiar with. Now, you can have family game night and enjoy the electronic version of Scrabble even more.

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