Pie Face Game – Silly, Belly Laughing Fun

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Pie Face Game
There are plenty of funny games toys out there that parents can play with their kids but many are too complicated for the younger ones and parents often get bored and find it’s a chore playing, But not on Pie face game. Pie Face Game
This is an exciting and fun-filled game based on player’s luck only and is belly laughing fun for both the younger ones as well as teens and adults.
Oh and the luck of the game is not being splat on your face by the cream pie!

Pie Face is a very simple game for all ages although it’s recommended for ages more than three years.
Probably the age of 5 or older is best since the younger ones may think that it is fun to hit others in the face with items other than the whipped cream pie and those aged 5 or older understand that only the cream pie is to be used.

This hilarious game is one of those gimmick items that makes everyone in the family laugh. It is one those games you’ll team playing.

To begin with there is a plastic hand that you load with whipping cream, shaving cream or whatever soft item you would like being flung into your opponent or you. The objective of this game is to be the clean, cream free face in the end.

Each player has his/her turn spinning the number wheel that determines the number of rotations to the one that places their face in the cut out mask. The hand can go off anytime, so keeping your fingers crossed may or may not make sure that you are not the one splat on the face!
You’re one point ahead every time you turn the handle without getting hit by the pie on your face.

This game doesn’t involve complex strategies and provides an even playing field for little ones. The cut out mask has a hole big enough for the adults and for the kids which makes it Suitable for almost all ages. This particular game is man powered which means no batteries required.

The kids will enjoy playing it all day long.
It’s made of durable quality parts enough to stand up endless hours of play and guaranteed laughter. It can be an excellent gift idea to your friend, child or your sibling.

Is It a Good Choice For a Toy as a gift?
Yes, It is an excellent choice for all kids above five. It has small parts that might not be suitable for children under 3. There is nothing more laughable to your child than seeing his grandpa or their friends being splat on the face with a pie! It is, however, a good idea to supervise your kids to make sure they do not substitute other materials to play this game.

What Do Parents and Purchasers Say About The Pie Face Game?
Many parents have said that it is fun watching the whole family play along and have fun.
Many of those who have purchased Pie Face admit that it is a “fun nerve-racking game especially when it is your turn”. There were those who were concerned that it would not hold up to hours of use, but were pleasantly surprised when it did.

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