Paw Patrol Paw Patroller Exciting Rescue Vechicle

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It doesn’t really matter if your child has been watching Paw Patrol on television or not Paw Patroller they will get excited to see the Paw Patroller rescue vehicle in their home. Getting a chance to play hero is something every child like to do and with the addition of the cute pup rescuers it helps your child show their love of animals.

The Paw Patroller is a child’s toy famously known as the rescue vehicle that can transport up to 3 Paw Patrol vehicles to explore new destinations. It is also amazing to note that, when opened, it will display six vehicles.

Special Features of Paw Patroller

  • It can carry up to three Paw Patrol vehicles.
  • Showcases  a Ryder with an ATV vehicle. This ATV can be stored at the patroller’s back for other Paw Patrol vehicles to be put on board.
  • The Paw Patroller has sound effects that are authentic to alert others of the rescue mission. By just a press on the button, all the Paw Patroller’s Pups can be summoned and sent to a rescue mission just like in a real-life situation. You’ll find that while this toy does have a sound feature it is not super loud and it is not one that will annoy others in the home.
  • There is also a working elevator which takes other vehicles to the command center of the Ryder.
  • Upfront ride for the Pups. The cab’s roof can be opened and hold up to 4 pups in the drivers’ seat and ride for the ultimate adventure.
  • Comes with three LR44 batteries to get you started.

Reviews of This Toy
The Paw Patrol-Patroller has received world-wide acceptance. Those who have bought it and used it have highlighted important benefits. The following are just but a few from the happy customers:
It provides a large play area and thus allows many kids to have fun together. This allows the kids to bond playing together and keep them occupied. It is also ideal for kids between 3 and 8 years and can thus be used by more than one kid.

The fact that it allows one to store other vehicles and carry them to a new destination is just wonderful because it makes movement and storage easier.

It is easy to use this toy because the assembly is already done. It is also worth noting that one can add two seats at the truck’s front to allow for more space for Pups. It is amazing to note that the kid can use the elevator with ease and at the same time summons the pups by just pressing a button. The stickers are also easy to place as they stick easily.

The elevator that works like a real garage is just amazing. The mechanism with which it operates on makes this toy to many parents’ favorite as it appears real.

Points to Think About
This toy’s big size can be an issue with some customers though. They will base their argument on the fact that this toy will demand a bigger storage space.
Deals and discounts.

There are great deals on Amazon to give you the ultimate experience and value for your money. Buying from this site gives a chance to choose from two different packaging solutions, that is; either the Standard or Frustration-Free Packages. There are also amazing discounts to enjoy on the overall price and shipping as well depending on the packaging. They also have many of the companion toys that can help to add to the fun.

In a nutshell, the Paw Patrol – Paw Patroller the perfect buy for parents who want their kids to have fun and enjoyable moments while playing. Its carrying capacity, authentic sounds and ease of use makes it ideal for every kid between 3 to 8 years.

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