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Loopz – Perfect for the game player and musician

Do you like games?  Are you intrigued by the ones that challenge you the most?

Well, get set for the wildest experience in game play.  Its called Loopz and it is the most radical and challenging game you’ve ever come across.                              Loopz
So, exactly what is it and how does it work?

For starters, it’s a game of memory that mixes motion and music to create challenges that are both fast and furious. When you first see it you will notice that is unlike anything you’ve probably ever seen in a game.

Unlike traditional games, it is a tower that stands upright.  There are a total of four rings, or “loops”, that light up in a different series of sequences.  The loops are not really loops, but semi-circles so they are open on the outside.  Your job is to pass your hand through the loop as it lights up.  Built in motion sensors detect your movement so there is no need to touch the sides.

Here’s Loopz in Action

Now if you think that was pretty cool –watch this

Pretty cool, huh?

Up to four people can play at a time or you can play alone.  The challenge is still as intense so you can practice to be able to show up your friends.  Believe it or not there are actually seven different ways to play this game.

When you are ready to play Loopz simply turn it on and pass your hand through one of the top loops.  Each time you pass it through it will select a game option.  When you find the game that you want to play then you simply pass your hand through one of the bottom loops.
Another cool feature is that it creates sounds as your hands pass through so you can literally create your own music.
In the game Musicology, you can build a song one instrument at a time.  To do this, each loop makes the sound of  a single instrument.  As you complete a pattern it forms part of a song.  Adding sequences adds more and more parts to the song until the entire song is complete.

In Loopz there is also a music featured game

In this game, a song begins to play.  While the music plays different loops light up and you have to pass your hand through the loop before it goes out.  If you succeed the music continues playing.  If you don’t reach the loop in time, it goes out and the music stops and starts all over again.  It you make it through the song for 30 seconds Loopz advances to another level and the fun intensifies!

Want to be a DJ? Here’s your chance.  Simply go through the selection and choose one of the songs.  As it plays you can pass your hands through the loops to change the tracks to create your own unique sound.  There is no right or wrong way to do this since you are making up your own song as you go.

Loopz also gives you the chance to play your own instrument.  Simply scroll through the available instrument choices.  After choosing one, play notes by passing hands through different loops for different sounds.  You can actually write your own music just as if you were picking the notes out on a piano or guitar.

Want something that will test your reflexes?  You haven’t seen anything like this game can do. Some of the games are designed to test memory while others focus on repetition and memory.  Others add speed to the mix to challenge your abilities to the limit.
Loopz is an awesome way for anyone to write or play music, even if they have never picked up an instrument.

Plus, challenges keep you on your toes and speed and agility will help you get through the different levels.  Try Loopz and see just how fast and coordinated you really are!

Loopz for ages 5 and up

Loopz Game

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