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Lego Portal of Atlantis 8078

Atlantis – surrounded by mystery and ancient tales. There have been books, movies and songs dedicated to Atlantis and because of the popularity of Atlantis,  Lego has created Lego Portal of Atlantis Lego Portal of Atlantis

One of the hottest, must have items for boys and girls who love their Lego’s and this year is the Lego Portal of Atlantis (8078).  The Atlantis range is expanding more and more each year, and for the avid Atlantis fans, the Portal of Atlantis is a great addition to any child’s Lego collection.

The Lego Atlantis product grouping was announced in 2009 and released in 2010.  These Lego products are based around the underwater world of Atlantis.  It is a range that is not only fun, but also has educational elements with a great online site addition that kids can access to record their Atlantis journeys. LEGO Portal of Atlantis 8078

There is a really great story behind this Atlantis range that caters perfectly to children’s imaginations.  A group of deep sea salvage experts, known of course as the Atlantis Crew, find a clue that could lead them to the actual Atlantis city, previously lost many thousands of years ago.  The Atlantis Crew then take on the mission of finding this long lost city for themselves.

This Lego set is the Portal of Atlantis.

The diving crew are finally getting closer to solving the Atlantis puzzle.  With 1007 pieces, children can build this great set, then they must get their divers through hidden traps in order to be able to unlock the keystone which opens the Portal.

This set includes 7 mini figures.  There are 3 divers, a Portal Emperor, a Squid Warrior, a Shark Warrior and a Skeleton.  A great addition to boys who have been collecting the entire sets of Atlantis.  There are also 5 Atlantis treasure keys to help your child on their quest.

Kids are having a blast with the Lego Portal of Atlantis.  It really does offer entertainment during both the construction and after.  They are amazed with the moving parts, the booby traps and the secrets hidden inside the Portal.  The instructions are very easy to follow, but an adult’s help may be required at some points during construction, especially for the younger children.

Parents are amazed at how intricate and detailed these Atlantis sets are.  For ease of packing away, it separates into three parts and the jaw of the shark part opens and closes for storage.

Whilst the Portal of Atlantis is not the cheapest Lego set available, it is a set that will last the distance.  Whether your child is into Lego construction, or if they like their stories about the deep sea, the Portal of Atlantis will keep them entertained for hours.  The quality of Lego is undisputed which helps to ensure that you are getting value for the money you spend.

While created for both girls and boys, it appears that it is the boys who are having the most fun with this set. Maybe it’s due to the fact that Atlantis to some conjures up thoughts of pirates, even though pirates have never been actually associated with Atlantis.

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