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LEGO Minotaurus Game

LEGO games are new & they are super hot. Of all the LEGO games the most popular one is the LEGO Minotaurus Game. Minotaurus

Introducing Lego Games.  It is the first ever collection of games that you can actually build and play and then change to play again.  This concept is taking the famous LEGO blocks to am entirely new level of fun and excitement.

In this particular game called Minotaurus, there is a mighty mythical creature called the Minotaur (hence the name of the game Minotaurus)

The Minotaur lives deep inside a labyrinth where he guards and protects a secret temple.
Your mission, and the mission of your friends,  is to lead a band of heroes safely down the mazes and corridors until you reach the temple.  But hold on –  it isn’t that easy.  In fact, it can be rather difficult since your opponents will be doing everything in their power to stop you. And in this game there are twists and turns around every corner.

Minotaurus – Simple -Yet Not So Simple

From unleashing the Minotaur on you to collapsing walls to block your path you’ll find that traversing your way down into the depths of the temple are not as simple as you anticipated.

Minotaurus – what’s Included in the box

The game comes with everything that you need to bring this adventure to life.
There are 12 LEGO microfigures, 1 buildable LEGO die, a building instruction booklet and a rules booklet.  All you have to do is add the players and you’re off on a unique adventure!

The makers recommend a players age to be at least 7 years old, but Minotaurus will be exciting for almost any child who can comprehend the goal of the game.  It is fun and exciting for the entire family.  Even adults will enjoy Minotaurus for its intricate plotting and scheming.

To get a sense of the fascination with this game all you need to do is look to the name of the maker- LEGO.  They have been producing exceptional systems for decades and now they have used their skills and technological genius to make something that challenges the adventurous side of its players.

Minotaurus is unique in that once you finish a game you can move the walls around and redesign your own setup.
You never play the same game twice.  This helps to always keeps the game fresh and new.
Since each game only lasts around 30 minutes that is enough time to have lots of fun and still not lose the attention span of the younger child.  With each game being so short, you can also take advantage of squeezing in a game or two with your kids even if you are short on time. They will be thrilled to partake in this quest!

Once you play Minotaurus you’ll find yourself looking forward to playing it again and again.  It is one game that will entice you in and bring you back for more excitement and adventure!

With each age there is a different thrill of playing and even the youngest will quickly understand the concept of the game, while older children will like the strategy end of the game.

Parents will love the idea that Minotaurus is not just an electronic game where the child just sits back, but a game where their children will need to learn how to plan, use their though process, and actually think – imagine a game where kids have to think yet don’t realize that they are learning!

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