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Child Education Is Fun With the LeapPad Explorer

Learning is an experience, but with the latest kid’s gadget in town, the LeapPad Explorer, learning has now reached extreme fun.

It is an improved version of the original LeapPad and is best for children between the ages of 4-8 years.LeapPad Explorer

Produced by LeapPad Enterprises, which first premiered in 1999, the LeapPad Explorer is the latest version of its kind.

Launched in the summer of 2011, it comes with applications that are easy to integrate with the current technology systems. Besides the pre-installed apps on the device at purchase, one can also download other applications by connecting it to the internet.

Highlight’s of the LeapPad Explorer

Firstly, it is more of a iPad type of a learning toy, then a stand alone toy as it has similar iPad features, including an eBook reader. and interactive capabilities.

While the LeapPad explorer is fun it’s main goal is educational and with different apps  it covers subjects such as mathematics, science, arts, languages, music and culture among others.

LeapPad Explorer

The beauty of this device is that it covers many areas of understanding, and it can be geared towards your child’s current learning level The LeapPad device has 2GB of memory for use, something that many may consider small in the modern world of data handling.

However, since it is meant for children, the memory is sufficient for light data such as photos, eBooks, animation and other goodies. If more space is needed the additional photos or filed can be saved on your computer or transferred to your computer and then put onto a thumb drive.

The Main Accessories of LeapPad Explorer Tablet

You’ll find that because the LeapPad Explorer is so popular many other companies have created different modules and apps that add to the fun and learning.
For easy recording of voices and sounds, the device can connect with the LeapPad Microphone, which later allows for playback of the recorded voices. Another popular accessory is the LeapPad reading light clip, which comes in handy when the youngster wants to read under minimal light supply.

The Headphones  have the standard 3.5  jack so you can use headphones you already have or you can get LeapPad Enterprise branded headphones.
If the child is into photography and pictures, then the built in camera will add fun to the whole experience. This major feature distinguishes the current model from its predecessors.
The camera is fragile and so it is not for children who are not yet capable of handling objects with care. The gadget’s stylus is a replaceable tool, a feature that is essential, given that it is prone to wearing out with frequent usage. With the stylus, a child can practice his or her handwriting by using the 5” touch screen as a writing pad.

The storybook application is the best for beginners in reading. This application will highlight each spoken word, and with a touch, a child can find the meaning of the vocabulary word and images used. This application builds the child’s confidence in reading and pronouncing certain words, and encourages them to read on.

If your children enjoys gaming they can  play for online awards for downloadable virtual products.
By connecting to the internet via computer, the devices will auto update the relevant directories, thereby, introducing new features and functionalities to the games.

Many other games are downloadable straight onto it via the same channel. This process is two-way: the child’s progress is recorded online while the installed game automatically updates itself and it can then introduce new features.

About LeapPad Explorer’s Touch Screen

This is probably the most significant feature of this educational toy.  It has a 5 in. TFT Touch screen with a high resolution, able to play eBooks and videos of high resolutions with ease.
Since children will use their LeapPad Explorer a lot, it has a protective layer on it that prevents scratches and such like activities of children. It has a highly sensitive screen, a feature that enables it to read and record a child’s handwriting correctly.  It does this perfectly.

LeapPad Explorer Gadgets & Apps

Technology is what drives the world today and gone are the days when learning was a boring experience for the child.
With the introduction gadgets like the LeapPad Explorer, a child has a more fun-filled learning experience that leaves a positive impact.
While LeapPad does come with  come with pre-installed applications that the child can start using as soon as they get the device., there are many apps out there to add to the fun. If you register your LeapPad Explorer you’ll find that currently they are giving away a few apps just for registering. I am not sure if these free apps will continue to be given away or if it is a current special that they are having- but registering your device is always a good idea anyway.

The one downside to the LeapPad Explorer is that you can go through batteries fairly quickly. You can however uses rechargeable ones.  With an average set of batteries lasting about 8 hours you can understand why rechargeable are a good idea.

LeapPad Explorer will keep your child entertained while they are learning and when you make learning fun your child is more likely to get into the habit of wanted to learn and know more.
LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet (Green)LeapPad Explorer

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