Justin Bieber Singing Dolls

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Justin Bieber Singing Dolls

Justin Bieber Singing Dolls

Justin Bieber Singing Doll Singing - Baby

You just have to love Justin!  Some parents don’t understand the Justin phenomenon, you just have to remember the screaming girls who wanted everything that had to do with The Beatles and you’ll understand. I know — I was one of those girls who collected everything I could with the pictures of the Beatles on it.

Girls love him, guys admire him and his records are sold in the millions each year.

Of course, we are talking about teen singing sensation Justin Bieber.
First discovered from his videos on YouTube, this guy has taken the world by storm and is idolized by kids and parents alike all over the world. Now, he’s been immortalized with Justin Bieber Singing Dolls.

There are a couple of different varieties of Justin Bieber Singing Dolls being offered including one that sings his hit song “Baby”. The doll is 12 inches tall and has an outfit and 30 seconds of real music. Girls will be very tempted to collect all of them as they are going to be very popular.The outfit that he wears is the exact same one he wore in the music video for “Baby”. It also comes with a cool mini fan magazine.

Justin Bieber Singing Dolls

Right now there is a second Justin Bieber singing doll and he plays the music for “One Less Lonely Girl”, which is another one of his popular songs. It also comes wearing the outfit he wore in the music video as well as a mini fan magazine.

Although these two are currently the only Justin Bieber Singing Dolls available

There are some non-singing Justin Bieber dolls that are available these days too.
There is the Red Carpet style, Street style and Awards style. Each one includes special fashion attire, microphone and sunglasses or headphones and a mini magazine.

For girls who are absolutely in love with the teen singing sensation, there are all kinds of different accessories to renovate her room into a celebrity showplace.
For instance, there is also the Justin Bieber Concert Kit available online which comes with a microphone which plays 30 second clips of two of his most popular songs, “One Time” and “Somebody to Love”. It also has to concert sound effects, an autograph book and marker, a signature embroidered patch and a Bieber photo frame.

There is no question that for girls who loves this teem heartthrob, Justin Bieber Singing Dolls will be a wonderful purchase. Although there are only two dolls available right now, there are sure to be more in the future as more and more people jump on the bandwagon. Plus, you have all kinds of other accessories that you can buy for the swooning teen girl in your life. There are posters, T-shirts and even Justin Bieber Silly Bandz.

If you would like to see everything that is available just visit Justin Bieber

However if you are just interested in the Justin Bieber Singing Dolls visit Justin Bieber Singing Dolls

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