Imaginext Bigfoot the Monster One of The Hottest Toys This Year

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Imaginext Bigfoot the Monster

Imaginext Bigfoot the Monster.

We are all familiar with remote controlled toys such as cars, planes and helicopters but you have probably have not seen RC toy like Imaginext Bigfoot the Monster

Fisher Price and Imaginext has brought children many great quality toys in recent years and now they have truly outdone themselves.  They have brought to the market Imaginext Bigfoot the Monster, which is sure to be a monster hit of its own this Christmas and for quite some time in the future.

This is a highly unique and interactive remote controlled robot ( can we really call it a robot? or is it more than that?) that is really a feat of technology.  The movements and mannerisms that this toy demonstrates is something right out of a science fiction special effects department.

To say that this is a remote controlled toy simply doesn’t give it the due credit that it deserves.  This is something much more than that.

Bigfoot the Monster is Different From Other RC toys

When you look at the remote you will see that it is cleverly shaped like the footprint of Bigfoot.  It is completely icon driven, meaning it does not display any words or numbers on the buttons.  The symbols used are very easy for kids to understand.  When you first turn Bigfoot the Monster on he immediately comes to life with an attitude.  He also has the ability to show a very humorous side or a serious side when he is trying to be mean and ferocious.

One truly remarkable aspect of the Imaginext Bigfoot the Monster is the animated facial features.  The total number of expressions that it is capable of is uncommon in this class of remote control item.

The remote not only handles the facial features but all of the walking and “talking” that it displays, as well.  As far as facial features, the eyes move, the eyebrows shift up and down to create different feelings and emotions and the mouth coordinates with whatever is going on at the time.

Imaginext Bigfoot the Monster can also incorporate language throughout his actions

And with some words interspersed with grunts and growls depending on his mood.  There are a total of approximately 80 sounds that he is capable of making.

When its time for bed your child can simply push a button and their Imaginext Bigfoot the Monster lies down on his back, puts his feet into the air and starts to snore.  He even has a dream phase where he appears to be experiencing a pretty intense dream and utilizes facial features to show how deep he is sleeping.

The arms are unbelievably adapted in that they not only move the beast around, but if  Bigfoot the Monster falls down it is capable of righting itself easily.  Plus, they can throw something such as a ball and serve as their own type of body language.  They can do almost anything that you can imagine a monster could do.

Parents will love the Imaginext Bigfoot the Monster from the standpoint that they won’t be constantly feeding the animal with batteries.  That’s because the thoughtful people at Fisher Price have developed this toy with a rechargeable battery.  And the battery and the charger come with the unit.  Kudos to Fisher Price for saving parents a small fortune in battery expense as well as helping the environment!  However –the remote control itself does need 2 AA alkaline batteries.

The Imaginext Bigfoot the Monster is an ingenious device that will have children spellbound just due to the immense interaction that it creates.  Each time they play with it will be like a new adventure and will keep them captivated for hours upon hours of fun.  Even parents will find themselves not being able to put down the remote.  It is certain to be addictive!

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