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Sometimes simplicity, yet different levels of skill is what  separates the popular games from those that just get used once or twice. Cuponk is a very simple game but you need to home your skills to get really good at it, and the better you get at Cuponk the more you want to play.

We all love to see tricks, whether they are animals performing or something sports related.  But some of our favorite tricks are ones that use balls.  That’s the hype behind this incredible new game by Hasbro.
Its called Cuponk and once you start playing you will quickly see why it is so highly addictive! Cuponk

The object of the Cuponk game is simple:

You try to creatively bounce the ball into the cup.  When it makes it in, the cup lights up as a sign of victory.  Miss the target and its your friend’s turn to show you up.

Sounds simple, right?  Well, theres a catch.  You try to do the most outrageous and outlandish maneuvers you can possibly imagine to try and one-up everyone else.  After all you want to be the only one capable of such incredible stunts.  Anyone can ring a ball into a cup, but how many can do it using objects or extreme circumstances?

Variations of Cuponk

Though there are different variations of the original game the object is the same no matter what the premise.  The game comes with the cup, 2 balls and two decks of cards showing unique and seemingly impossible shots that you can attempt and, of course, an instruction booklet.
Or, you can choose to be original.  The sky is the limit and everything is fair game to be used.  You can get as radical and intense as you want!  Show everyone else your skills before your friends show you up.

Some of the Cuponk variations include the Gorillanator which comes with its own ramp for a different spin on the game.  There is also the Cuponk R.I.P. version with backboard and the Cuponk El Campeon with Funnel.

Each one tests your ability to make the most awesome shot before your friends do.  It’s a battle for supremacy and may the best person win!

No matter what your skill level this game is challenging as well as intense.  But in the end it comes down to skill and the only way you are ever going to achieve it is with practice or luck.  And with the spirit of competition that this game generates you will need a healthy dose of both!

Cuponk is the perfect game to toss in a bag and take to a friend’s house or for trips and vacations.  The beauty of it is that it can be played anywhere.  In fact, that is the perfect way to play it since each new setup or different room creates a whole new atmosphere.  You could literally never have to worry about playing the same kind of game twice because you have the ability to constantly change things up.

Its all up to you and your level of creativity!
Cuponk is fun and exciting and brings out the competitive nature in all of us.  Pick up a game and see just how addictive it can become!
In order for the Cuponk to light up you will need 3AAA batteries which are not included.
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