Pie Face Game – Silly, Belly Laughing Fun

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Pie Face Game
There are plenty of funny games toys out there that parents can play with their kids but many are too complicated for the younger ones and parents often get bored and find it’s a chore playing, But not on Pie face game. Pie Face Game
This is an exciting and fun-filled game based on player’s luck only and is belly laughing fun for both the younger ones as well as teens and adults.
Oh and the luck of the game is not being splat on your face by the cream pie!

Pie Face is a very simple game for all ages although it’s recommended for ages more than three years.
Probably the age of 5 or older is best since the younger ones may think that it is fun to hit others in the face with items other than the whipped cream pie and those aged 5 or older understand that only the cream pie is to be used.

This hilarious game is one of those gimmick items that makes everyone in the family laugh. It is one those games you’ll team playing. (more…)

Shopkins Fashion Boutique Playset

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The Shopkins Fashion Boutique Playset is perfect for the budding fashionista!
The styling reminds me of the Mod look of the 60’s. A bit futuristic and very playful, a perfect combination for hours of play. Shopskins Boutique Playset

Kids will have loads of fun on their shopping spree when they’re playing with the Shopkins Fashion Boutique Playset. These playsets use characters that are made just for the playsets.

These characters are unique and fun and live at the boutique. You can expand your collection of these whimsical characters if you want to, by collecting the more than 100 different characters that are available.

This particular set can be played with alone, or kids can add it to their other playsets. When you buy this set, you get a total of four different Shopkins. One of these is a high top sneaker with colorful sides and a plastic lace up center. (more…)

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