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The Barbie Video Girl Doll is Both a Doll and a Video Camera

Every year Barbie gets a new occupation or a new career. This is one of the reasons that Barbie has always been and always will be popular with girls (and collectors). Barbie changes with the times.             Barbie Video Girl Doll

Just when we were wondering what Barbie might do next, the Barbie Video Girl Doll is released.
This ingenious Barbie doll is an actual working video camera.  Girls are going to have so much fun with Video Girl making their very own movies. The recommended age for this video camera is 5 – 10 years old.

With some clever design and technological aspects, Barbie’s necklace has become the video camera lens.  Under her hood, on her back, is a full color LCD screen.  The screen area also contains the simple to use controls, consisting of 3 buttons.

Now your child can take video easily and it can be played back instantly, just like a real video camera, as the LCD screen lets you see what you are filming.  Barbie Video Girl Doll can boast a full 25 minutes recording time with each filming session.  Just as good as a quality point and shoot camera these days.

For those girls who want to share their cinematography, it is very easy to plug Video Girl into a computer and download the movies.  She comes with her very own USB plug in cord, which of course is hot pink – would you expect any other color for Barbie?.

The Barbie Video Girl Doll video can be edited just like a regular video camera

There is Video Girl specific editing software available for download from the official Barbie website to make the movies their very own.  There are also some great movie making tips available on the Video Girl website that both you and your child will find interesting.

What your child could do with their Video Girl is endless.  Imagine being able to capture everything from Barbie’s point of view.  Turn the camera on when Barbie is in her house, or out in her car, or maybe our playing with her friends.

Then there are the opportunities to make movies that they can keep forever, and treasure themselves later on in life.  They can make movies about their friends and their lives.  Really it is all about how they see the world at that particular point in time.  All from this new and clever 12 inch Barbie Doll.

Here’s a quick tip – save a few of the videos, then when your child gets older, give it to them as part of a childhood memories capsule or box.

Kids love playing being able to take their own photos and movies.  They can be creative and are often very proud of some of their favorite shots of their friends, toys and pets.  Now they can become directors and producers of their very own movie studio with Barbie Video Girl Doll.
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