Air Swimmer Remote Control Inflatable Flying Shark and Clownfish

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Air Swimmers – The Remote  Controlled  Shark and Clownfish

What are Air Swimmers?

Air Swimmers are the ultimate in unique radio controlled toys. air swimmers inflatable RC toyair swimmers

These giant flying fish which are actually a RC toy,  are one of the hottest toys on the market for children ages 3 and up ( but adults and teens seem to love them the most).

These smile making toys are remotely operated, and the remote function has several controls, among them; sudden climbs, dives, slow descents, slow swim tail as well as fin controls.  This wide range of control options provides an accurate platform for the maneuvering around walls and doors.
Air Swimmer Remote Control Inflatable Flying Sharkair swimmer remote control shark

The Air Swimmers can be controlled under a remote control system for a range of about 15 meters. This is an advantage as it prevents your child from losing the toy. This is unlike many other RC toys which end up in the neighbor’s back yard on top of a tree. It provides a moderate command distance, which is a perfect range of control.

Air Swimmers – What’s in the Box?

Air Swimmers are light weight, fish shaped balloons that are filled with helium gas, but the user must fill the fish with helium, as it is not provided – ( helium may be found where balloons are sold ).
Once filled, the Air Swimmers such as a shark or clown fish are attached to a remote controlled system that enables control of their movement.

Air Swimmers  come complete with everything, that is, the fish shaped balloon, and the remote control. They also come equipped with the batteries that will be used in the fish shaped balloon as well as those in the remote control gadget.

In total, the batteries are four. Three are used in the remote and one is placed in the device that is in the fish shaped balloon. Also, a user guide is included to provide instruction for the best operating experience.

Overall user experience is good. When the product operated as advertised, it was a big hit.

However, there were some consistent complaints that a buyer might want to take into consideration.  Many users felt that they paid too much to purchase a helium tank to fill up their Air Swimmers.  An easy remedy would be to just have the gigantic fish filled at a store that sells helium balloons.  When I called a few of our local party stores, I was told that they would fill an Air Swimmer for about the same price as they charge to fill up a large 3D balloon. If you are unsure about your town, just give them a quick call. More-then-likely it will be much cheaper than having to purchase a portable helium tank.

Air Swimmers are fun gift

What child, or fish fan for that matter, would not want a giant shark or fish to control through the house? However, these are not only for kids, but also for use in office parties as well as family picnics. They can also be used in closed picnic sites for family fun. Regardless of whom the gift is for, it is certain to be a big hit.
Air Swimmer Remote Control Inflatable Flying Shark & Clownfishair swimmers flying shark toy

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